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You need somebody

So, it’s official…

Writing the blog by 5:00am, I smile knowing that this is crazy (being awake at this time).

So I was thinking today, about life.

And then it hit me.

No matter how successful, or rich, or beautiful, or powerful you are, you need somebody.

In fact everybody needs somebody.

That somebody could be a beloved sibling, or some dear old friends, a young child, a childhood friend, a spouse or even a lover.

Whatever shade it comes in, you need somebody.

Everyone needs that somebody who makes them laugh, and cry, and angry, and mad and pissed and blah…

That somebody who gets you, and gets to you.

That someone you can share your life with and be yourself with.

I realized sometime ago, that the lonely life may seem enough at first but at some point you realize it’s bleak and empty.

So here is my advice, to myself and whoever gets to read this (I hope people read this, lol):

You need somebody, and that’s the truth.

However somebody isn’t going to be perfect, but  should be someone you can share your life with.

That somebody should be someone you care about and who cares right back.

If you have that somebody already, appreciate them and enjoy them.

If you don’t, be open and hope to find that somebody.

So here is to the somebody(s) in my life: I love you, and you make my life complete…

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