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Wading through the waters

And Hey my lovelies,

I have been off the radar, blog-wise

And after much ado, am back to blogging

I intend to change the face of “modelaposh”

But first, I need to rant a little, just a little, I promise

So life has taken me through a few unfamiliar waters,

something I know a person or two can relate to

My reactions at first were (in no particular order)

pray, cry, brood, complain,

self -loathe, withdraw, push people away

And on and on goes the list

Feel free to drop me a line under this if you can relate

I can’t say all of those are bad,

or that I have suddenly swerved off that lane

what I can say though is that

I am adapting

And making the most of wading through these waters

and just living the life I have always wanted

And going for my dream and yes, I tend to go for the big stuff


Don’t ever let the waters you wade through drown you

trust me, it only drowns you if you let it

The waters could go one of two ways:

drown you, or drag you along to a new place

which ever way it goes depends on many factors:

God, luck and you amongst other factors

so as you wade those waters, darling

brace up , and choose that the ending will be happy

choose that the waters

will not steal your joy or make you break

Choose that the waters will make you better

and bring you one or more steps closer to your dream come through

PS:: Take it one day at a time.

And before you know it, it’s over

Lots of love to whoever reads this



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