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Up all night

Its 4:00 am and I haven’t slept a wink Because I basically want to stay up And relish my now That probably won’t sound as nice If I explained what my now is I won’t though Here is what I will explain: 1. Dreams come through, if you are willing      to work hard and never lose the picture      of your dreams. So make sure you have dreams And dream big too 2. God answers prayers Those ones you make, with tears and pain And longing and hope and faith God answers Those prayers you make from the depth Of your soul God answers the prayers from a sincere heart So pray, about anything and everything Don’t worry if you aren’t one of the righteous ones I am one of those And God loves us still And answers us too  

So pray! 3. Life is beautiful So look for beauty and love and laughter Even in your darkest hours Look for those They make life beautiful 

P.S.: Just my thoughts After a long day and an even longer But fabulous night! Lots of love, Mo

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