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The Art of self

So today or rather the last twenty-four hours has left me under the weather and yet discovering something I believe is just in time. So as usual, I get thinking (and this time, I think It’s my steps getting ordered – in my thinking I mean). I get thinking, and then It strikes me. This is probably something a few others may have dealt with at a point or the other:

Sometimes it’s perfectly alright to be alone, like totally alone. Because it is in those alone times, that you get to know who you really are. Yes, that’s the time.

So Question: When last did you enjoy yourself, like by yourself and with yourself? When last were you alone, and content? When last did you sit, comfortable and content in your own skin? When last did you stop admiring what everyone else has (yes, especially all that you think you also need or deserve) and just look at yourself and smile? When last did you just sit back, and love you?

Well, Bottomline: Getting comfortable with YOU, yes, YOURSELF is so important. Why? You spend the most time with yourself, so you might as well get comfortable with yourself. Stop running away from being by yourself, and start enjoying your own company. How do you expect others to enjoy your company, when you can’t even stand being by yourself? How do you expect others to love you, when you hate yourself?

As always, this is more for me, and I hope it helps someone: So: learn the art of self Love you, with all the flaws and perfections. Love you…with that feature you would love to change. Love you…..even with the poor sense of humour. Love you…with the weird dress sense (or so you think) Love you…. Love you….. Love yourself…hook, line and sinker.

And yes, you don’t need validation or permission from anyone Just go and LOVE THYSELF….

With Love, M.

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