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The art of happiness

I was thinking the other day….

About happiness..

And I was wondering, is there a secret to happiness?

Or should I say what is the Elixir of Happiness.

What is the key to that feeling of joy, in the face of whatever else life brings?

What is the secret, to smiling through the pain, and being joyful at every point in time.

And then it dawned on me.

The happiest people aren’t those with perfect lives (because in reality there are no such people).

Perfection is relative. Every person has his or her own brand of perfection, it all depends on the perspective with which you view things.

There in lies the start of the art of happiness.

A perspective of gratitude for all the good things in your life.

And for the not so good things in your life, be hopeful.

Be Hopeful, always hopeful for the best.

The art of happiness is a daily pursuit.

Like a baby needs to be fed constantly to grow, so we need to daily renew our dose of happiness.

Happiness doesn’t just come. You need to make the needed effort.

Find happiness, in the small things that seem unimportant.

A little child’s laughter, the sound of rain on the roof or the small thoughtful gestures of a friend.

Yes, find happiness in the small things that happen around you.

And most importantly, God’s love.

The knowledge of an enduring, unadulterated and perfectly pure love of one’s creature is a bedrock in the art of happiness.

PS: I haven’t found the elixir of happiness (yet). What I have found on the other hand is a few tips that have worked for me.

Hope they work for you as well.

With Love,…M.

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