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tbt: Guilty little pleasures

Hello beautiful people…

This blog is actually a day overdue

So lets pretend today is thursday, yes?

Right…So, my day was so-so

Until I decided to do a throwback

Yep, to look into the past, and do something today that connects me to the past

And that for me, was exploring a guilty pleasure

This pleasure of mine is a selfish one

But I enjoy it, every second of it

It makes takes me from here, to another place and another time, life, etc

So here is my question for you

What is your guilty pleasure?

And when last did you throw back to the past 

to enjoy one of those (within the boundaries of reason)


Take a break 

For just a bit

And indulge yourself

Why: You deserve to indulge yourself

And spoil “YOU”

And Treat “YOU” right

Because “YOU” are simply the best

and deserve the best

PS: My guilty pleasure, was reading a lovely book

Remember to smile, and remain posh.

WIth Love,


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