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Sweet tooth business: Mo’s top 5 deserts

So I have a sweet tooth, always have even though I know diabetes is real And I try to slow down on the sugar intake And even stopped taking my tea with sugar But every once in a while, ‘Mr Sweety toothy’ comes out

Well, the other day I had this foodie conversation guess what about? …..well, the clue’s in the title We talked about deserts…. And this post comes on the back of that conversation

Below, are my top 5 desert choices: 1. Stawberry cheese cake This one makes my heart do many flip fronts and flip backs I am unsure if it’s the cheese Or because I would eat anything made with stawberries This can be eaten with double cream, ice cream (or like I just found out) baileys Just thinking about it…..mmmm 2. Creme brulee I first saw this in a movie And the day I actually tried it, I took several pictures Yes, before and while eating it Why? It was so beautiful especially with the sugar glazing standing atop it Like a lid… It both beautiful to the eyes and to the mouth Promise me, you would try it 3. Tiramisu This Italian inspired desert (the clue is in the name) is like a self-contradictory How: A combination of coffee (with it’s legendary bitter taste) Eggs, cheese and cocoa flavoring With tiramisu, the richness is in the taste Enough said# 4. Carrot Cake It’s like beautiful to sit down with a plate of carrot cake for pudding After a nice dinner (or tea, or supper) And a nice movie on TV And good conversation of course But truly, carrot cake needs no flavoring It is sweet, and rich and lovely 5. Sticky toffee pudding This one is rich, like thoroughly From the dates, to the sponge cake (and it’s dark chocolate colour) And how it’s served, with custard or even ice cream This one is a christmas favourite (for me anyway)

Oh yea….that’s my sweet tooth business all done PS: Treat yourself to some sweet deserts every now and then Afterall, You Only Live Once (YOLO)

Have a great rest of the day guys Lots of Love, M.

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