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Seven lessons COVID-19 has taught me

In December 2019, I busied with the details of moving house while preparing for an important exam. However, the stories coming out of China about a novel virus didn't bother me too much. My reason for not being upset was simple; there were too many intelligent people in the world for a simple virus to get out of hand. In my mind, I gave it a month and three months tops to 'be contained.' 

But how wrong was I in overestimating intelligence and science while underestimating the power of half-truths and common sense or the lack thereof? Fast forward to a few months later, it dawned on me that things were changing. Like every other in the world, my university had shut down, as limiting public gatherings was a logical step needed to curtail the virus's spread. 

Thanks to COVID-19, life as we know it has changed and may honestly never remain the same again. COVID-19 has challenged the definition of normal in every sense of the word. All in all, COVID-19 has taught me a few lessons. 

  1. Whenever possible, ditch the phone, computer and TV screens. Instead, venture outdoors to experience and enjoy nature in others' company (friends, strangers, pets).

  2. Have a healthy relationship with yourself, such that being alone doesn't freak you out too much or seem like the end of the world.

  3. Pick up hobbies that are engaging and genuinely make your life rich and meaningful.

  4. Develop multiple marketable skills so that you can potentially fit into different sectors of employment.

  5. Take charge of your health, making conscious efforts to eat healthily, exercise regularly and follow expert medical advice as much as possible. 

  6. Check up on your acquaintances and friends as much as possible.

  7. Education, money, influence, and all the things that improve a person's quality of life are essential. Still, more critical is compassion and respect towards yourself and others.

Keep safe during these times.

Love, M

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