• Modeline Longjohn

Out with the old, in with the new

Right, its a new year.

And as usual, I got thinking.

This time, I was thinking on all I had heard recently (in church) and from people.

And then it hit me, if  I want things to be different from how it was in the past, then I have got to be different.

Change is a gradual process, and sometime begins with a seed.

So my word to myself and to my readers is that you stand up and sow seeds.

Sow seeds of diliengence in your job, or with Uni work.

Sow seeds of improving yourself.

Work at being a better person.

Yes, being a better person takes work.

So, get up and work at being a better person.

Stop complaining that you are a bad person, and start working at being better.

Be different in how to see yourself and others.

Treat people nicely, and be polite.

If you want to see things working out differently for your life, then dare to be different.

Try doing things with a different style, look at things from a different perspective….and blah.


Dare to be different this time around.

So, here is to being different (in a good way) and having a fulfilled and happier life.

Love, M.

#betterperson #differentperspective

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