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New beginnings

A few days ago, I spent some time with someone who reminded me a lot of my Mom And I learnt so much within the space of two hours So much, that while I walked home (and getting lost many times, lol) I spent the time thinking and playing over some scenarios in my head And then it hit me: new beginnings

One of the thing about beginnings is choosing to take the first step A popular saying “The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” comes to mind The first step is the hardest, and after that, each new step gets easier and easier Till you reach a point where it’s easy, and needs no effort

Anyway, that was an aside yeah, back to new beginnings

So, I choose, to take the first step To just be Just live each day as it comes bearing in mind, that I have spent a while working through some this and that And now, I know This new beginning is a fresh start a fresh page

So I choose To take each day as it comes To start my day with hope, and faith, and positivity To go through my day with a smile, gratitude, and believe in the best And that’s just it One day at a time

I choose to believe the best in everyone and everything Though there may be some not so good people out there every now and then, but still I choose To not judge, but accept people for who they are Also accepting and valuing myself for who I am (thanks to God) I choose To not be obsessed with being perfect But to just be Taking it one day at a time

I choose Beautiful new beginnings

These are my thoughts, which am putting out there I believe it would make sense to someone Feel free to share your thoughts after reading this. And have a beautiful week

Lots of Love M.

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