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Midnight Rantings: Joyful, with a million reasons to be sad

I know it’s not midnight yet,

but I will pretend it’s midnight and rant on

So I have been wondering today, all day actually

I want to scream…and yell

At no one in particular

Perhaps because I have done enough crying to last me a long time

Oh, and I want to cry out laugh

And maybe laugh out loud later

But Is it ok to cry, cry and cry?

Because I have done that in abundance…

So question:

How does one say grateful and joyful when there is plenty to be sad about?

But then again…there is actually plenty to be glad for

Maybe focusing on making others smile

Or could it be looking on all the good things…(Even when it gets harder and harder to see those)

Or maybe it’s just taking a break from worrying

Or perhaps been happy for the happiness of others…

The list of maybe’s is endless

But the list of definite’s are equally endless..

With each new opportunity to be sad and angry and cry that comes

I guess opportunities for happiness also come

Perhaps it’s just choosing to see the glass as half-full not as half empty

Perhaps it’s reminding yourself to be joyful and happy

For no reason at all

Perhaps it’s just choosing to be happy

Making this choice is hard…extremely hard

Especially when the reasons to be sad seem to pile higher and higher

But being joyful and happy is a choice

A big choice, that has to be made even when the floods of tears are streaming down

Even when you just heard one more bad news to the already large pile

Granted, there are times to just let yourself fall and cry

But not for too long…..

After a good cry

It’s time to make that choice…

The choice to be joyful and happy…

Remember  to smile…

With Love,


#tears #Joy #Happy #pain #choice #sad

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