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Midnight Rantings: It’s ok to be imperfect

So it’s nearly midnight And I thought to start the rants early

It’s being a pretty full on and intense few weeks Hence the no-blogging season After weeks of jumping on and off buses and trains And taking truck loads of pictures and doing many fun stuff It’s all slowed down and chilled out now

It’s been a long time coming For some honest rants

I was thinking the other day, of nakedness Like having no clothes, no masks, no covers, nothing Just being laid bare With no lies, attachments or add-ons Just being naked

It’s something I (and I guess a lot of other people) don’t always do People (especially me) seem to always be doing something to makeup for something To make you feel adequate Or feel better Or just to cover up all the flaws that we know lie beneath the surface we do things

Some of us chase dreams Others chase people some of us take up hobbies Others let go of hobbies Some start a new way of life Others do the exact opposite

All in all, knowing the flaws that lie within We start the act of piling on layers and layers of stuff To cover up what really lies underneath And to create a better appearance It’s like make-up

sometimes we cover up so much that stuff to the extent we forget what really lies beneath It’s like telling a lie so many times That we start to believe it’s true

And this takes effort…trust me It takes a lot of damn good effort That could be spent on something else

So I thought to myself Why not just give up, all the covering up And all the makeup And all the trying to put my best foot forward (Not that that’s a bad thing) But still, why not give up all that

And see what’s beneath As scary as that sounds I mean many of us won’t want people to see us without our masks because we are afraid they won’t approve Or won’t love us

But still, despite the fear I still choose to take off the masks And just be naked Just be me

It’s ok to be sad It’s ok to be depressed It’s ok to be angry ….. to be disappointed ……. to feel insecure …….. to feel inadequate ….. to cry a river …. to be hurt …. to be mad ….. to be uncertain ….. to be confused ….. to be imperfect …. to be myself (or yourself as the case may be)

It’s ok to not be ok Because, it won’t last longer than it should Today may be one of those days when I am not ok But, tommorow may be better

Bottomline: It’s ok to be you It’s ok to be imperfect

Am not sure if this all makes sense, but it’s my honest thoughts I stand to be corrected


With Love, M.

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