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Midnight rantings: Expectations and pedestals

Some things happen in life

Some of which we would not choose

if we had a choice

and some of those things mark us

And leave us with scars

Scars that are not necessarily physical

But sometimes are

Scars which are mostly in our hearts

And give us secret and sometimes open grief

Scars that make us hold back

…hold back from loving ourselves wholly

And others too

…… hold us back from giving our all

…. hold us back from taking risks

…. hold us back from doing

and just keep us in the “coulda, woulda, shoulda” class

For some people it holds them back and defines their lives for so long

Until you decide, or sometimes life shines a torch on that scar

Well, I have such scars

And without any doubt, I know everyone has theirs too

Well, here is what I think (I stand to be corrected though)

Choose (and ask God, in prayer, if you believe in God)


The anger, hurt and pain: let it go

Those who have offended and deceived and wronged you: forgive them

Those things you should have known better about: forgive yourself

Those deep hurtful secrets: let them go

The issues you cannot comprehend: let those go too

Letting go, is hard, very hard

But it needs to be done

Because you will feel much better

And free, when you let go

Bottomline: Choose to let go

You will be doing yourself a massive favour

Plus, if you want to be trully happy, and joyful


I hope this helps

Lots of Love,



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