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Midnight rantings 105#: Damning consequences

So this girl has been busy in some usual quarters lately

And “that busy” kind of got me thinking today

Why am I not keeping up on “that busy”?

Because I know there may be consequences

Or rather, I have over-thought and over-analysed the poor situation

To the point that I get to scared to live in the moment

Or could it be that I am just trying to be rigid about that, like most other things

Oh well, wanting to always do the right thing gets exhausting

And though it leads to a good place….

Sometimes I doubt the need for it

So, for once, I want to damn the consequences

And just do what I think pleases me

Because all that rigidity and holding tight to rules

And consequences and blah

Have just gotten exhausting

And am like wait….Mo, live a little

And make mistakes

And enjoy being imperfect

So yea….gonna just live it

DOn’t over-think…just do

And live..

With love,


#consequences #Over #makemistakes #think #damn #imperfect

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