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Midnight ranting 107#: Rainbows after the rain

So it’s nearly midnight

And I will just rant on for tonight

So this gal has been living…..with the new flair I caught

And I got a few knocks here and then

But it’s all good


Such is life

Even when the flood gates open wide and I go on and on for hours

I stop, and just wonder

Nothing is permanent, esp not the bad things

The fact that there are tears…means there will be laughter

The fact that there is pain, means there will be gain

The fact there is emptiness means there will be fullness

Not that it’s guaranteed

But that leaves room to hope

So, I choose to hope

I choose to believe that it’s a phase

I choose to stand tall

Knowing who I am…

I choose to take it all in, whatever comes

Never letting it steal my joy

Just choosing to let it teach me and mould me

I choose to let no one define me

Except the way my God and I define myself

I choose to take risks

Because nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

I choose to let myself tear up when I have to

Because there is no rainbow without rain

I choose….everything I have now

And I stand tall…

I choose….to be grateful

For the little things I take for granted

I choose…to be grateful for my mistakes

….for my right doings

….. for the mis-steps 

…. for saying too little, or too much

…. for what I have, have-not, wish for, etc

….. for not letting go

…. for letting go too quick

….. for being stubborn

….. for being a child

…. for being too strong, or too weak

…. for being human and humane

I choose to be grateful, for………

I choose….

I know that’s quite a long rant…it’s just me, isn’t it?

Anyway, hope someone can relate to this…

With love,


#rainbows #standing #choose #laughter #rant #tears #Joy #smile #tall #choice #sadness #grateful

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