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Midnight ranting 101#

So am sitting in my room and it’s midnight. 

And no, am not in bed yet, sleep should be here any time soon.

So I wonder a little

And my wondering goes thus:

I hear there is a purpose for everything, yet how come I can’t understand the purpose of some things.

I get to the point when I just think, “”No, this isn’t possible. Not this too, not now.”

And, my wondering goes on and on…

And so goes the questions I am dying to ask…

But who has the answer?


Anyway, I am telling myself now,

that it is ok to not know the answers.

It’s ok to think this way..


Because now is the time for this..

And as with all things time related,

this time will move along, to another time, a better time (hopefully)

And until then…It’s ok to just be….and just not know… and just not…


I hope this reaches out to someone…….

And to myself…

Saying: “Hang in there Honey, this too will pass.”

With Love,



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