• Modeline Longjohn

Midnight ramblings #102


This should be ramblings at midnight

But oh well, let’s just pretend it’s midnight and ramble on..

So this post will be short and straight to point.

It’s being a long week…really long (for 5 days)

But here is the highlight of what I learnt this week.

Stand for what you believe…

Hold onto your principles…

Realize that you don’t need any achievement, person and place to make you happy.

Your happiness, is yours to work towards…

And PS (More to me than to anyone else) Take a break from chasing after things and people…

And just enjoy what you have now and where you are now..



Becos whatever it is you want (you will find out when you get it that it was over-rated).

All that actually matters is now…so, yes, live for the now and enjoy the now…

Ok…enough of the ramblings, time to go back to studying..




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