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Journey to happy place: Baby steps -Trying new things

So I decided to blog on a new theme alongside my other theme

And within that theme, I am focusing on something real

And it’s about taking steps

Baby steps

You know  when a little child starts to walk

The first steps are the the hardest

And after those first few steps

if the child persists

The next few  steps will be shaky and maybe unsteady

And if the child persist still

The steps will get easier and easier

Granted there may be a few falls

Here and there

Now and then

But if the child persists…

Baby steps will soon turn into bold strides

So in the spirit of taking baby steps

I have been trying out new things


I guess I have to get myself to that happy place

I have spent so long being in the worrying and sad place

That I can’t spend one more second being unhappy

So yeah..

Trying out new things

Like playing like an absolute child…

Like doing my weave take down by 3am (on a whim)

Trying out a new style for my natural hair

After watching at least ten youtube videos

Treating myself to a bit of an expensive manicure (considering…)

And trying to care a little lot less

Oh well…happiness is a journey isn’t it

So that journey for me is now and on-going

This is more to me than anyone else

Remember to take baby steps on the road to happiness

Don’t think,  just do and live each day at it’s finest

With Love,


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