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Journey to happy place: A few lessons

So I have missed blogging

Because I have been more busy than usual

Until today, when I deliberately decided to slow down

Anyway, I have learnt a few things recently

And some of these directly link to living in the happy place

I realised that life does not need to be (and can never be really totally perfect)

But one’s got to be happy right?

So I wondered sometime last week

How do I stay happy, in the midst of all this?

In the midst of stuff that basically overwhelm me

Some of which no one I know can relate to?

How do I stay happy?

When I really have nothing going the way I would love it to?

Or no one to basically rant about that to?

In the midst of  so much going on

how do I stay happy?

Well, I got my answers from different sources

And it is really quite simple, well it was for me

“Stop worrying!”

“Look at how bad things are: still, it could have been worse!”

“Be thankful for the things you have, for instance, life!”

“Don’t look at what others have, that you desperately wish for!”

“Fill your life with laughter, and music and joy!”

“Find worthwhile things to do, to distract you!”

“Add value to someone’s life!”

“Don’t alienate yourself from others!”

“Just live, one day at a time, and let life sort itself out!”

The list is really much longer than that, but one final one

“Always have a smile on your face, even when you have no reason to!”

Well, yeah, it may not be so easy at first, but it will get easier.

I hope it is anyway, and I hope this help.

Lots of Love,


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