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Express yourself

Have you ever fallen prey to the trick of comparing yourself to others?

Or felt inferior in the light of another’s shining glory?

Well, you are not alone.

It happens, but you need to get up, and stop comparing.

Start looking inwards, for in there lies the key to your success.

What do I mean?

Stop looking at the success of others wishing it were you who has got all those things.

Take a moment, and stop looking at those.


Start looking within.

Start savouring every moment of your life.

Start living, and “loving your own life”.

In the process of loving your life, you will find the things that stand you out from everyone else.

Those are the things you excel at naturally and you love to do.

Yes, take those talents you discover and turn them into gold.

Horn your skills and express yourself.

Yes, express yourself and see where it leads.


Express yourself (show your talents) and don’t be afraid to be you.

With Love, …M.

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