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Big Dreams

I was just about to start by saying I was thinking the other day. But then I realise I am constantly thinking and realizing. That’s not all. I dream a lot…of this and that’s, and once in a while when I can make a dream come through, I try.

How can I make some dreams come through?

Its in the some of the choices I make.

Choice of what to say, what to wear, where to go, what to do, etc?

I have learnt to dream big, like really big.


Dreams keep me alive. On some really dark days, dreams keep me smiling and hopeful.

They make me realise how much has changed since the last time. 

Dreams make me work diligently. 

So, here is to having big fat dreams that seem impossible. I raise my glass to my dreams, and yours (whoever is reading this). Don’t forget to dream big.


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