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Bad/crappy days

So, I had a really bad day day recently. The bad day couldn’t end fast enough. But it ended.

So this post is born out of a really crappy/shitty/bad day I had and I thought to myself, why not share your thoughts on this. It could be helpful to someone.

On bad days, If it helps, feel free to cry.

But if the tears don’t come, don’t force it.

If you find someone to talk to, talk to someone.

But if there is no one to talk to, then don’t worry about it.

At the expense of sounding a bit spiritual (which isn’t bad), talk to your maker.

He listens, and understands, and blah.

But one thing is really important on bad days: your thoughts.

They could lead you down or up.

No matter how bad the day, think positive (I know this is hard, but trust me, it works).

Think of better days you have had better days to come.

And comfort yourself.

Yes, tell yourself everything will be fine.


You never know what will happen, tommorow may be better.

So here is to bad days, and better days.

I raise my glass to surviving a bad day, and facing the next day with a smile.

To you who is having a bad day (The person reading this), it gets better.

Think positive, and cheers.


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