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Midnight rantings 105#: Damning consequences

So this girl has been busy in some usual quarters lately And “that busy” kind of got me thinking today Why am I not keeping up on “that busy”? Because I know there may be consequences Or rather, I have over-thought and over-analysed the poor situation To the point that I get to scared to live in the moment Or could it be that I am just trying to be rigid about that, like most other things Oh well, wanting to always do the right thing gets exhausting And though it leads to a g

Randon rants# Deciding to…

So I sit beside the window, with the sun streaming in and falling on parts of my face And I love that sun on my face……. And I think to myself, I need to do this I need to act on what I have decided to do Letting go and not caring in all those ways that get me worried And I have some thoughts on my mind Questions: Should I share? Should I just leave it and let it get me upset at some point? Well….here goes On the back of choosing to let go, I guess it will get easier as time g