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Midnight Ranting 104#: Love is,…..

Hmmm…so dis girl has been a busy girl No, haven’t been thinking or doing one of the normal things I do This girl has been playing out of her leagues for a bit. Right, enough of my riddles already. I am finding it hard to actually say what I want to say Perhaps because there is so much to say But let me start with this Last night, I had so many questions Questions that have been on my mind for the longest time E.g….God, why me? Why all these? Do I deserve this? Why? Why? Why?


Hello World (Am hoping loads of people are reading this…lol) I haven’t blogged in a while. And I missed this. So here is the thing, I have literally been thinking all day. And it’s been an interesting day. One of them days (pardon my grammar), when you wake up and it seems like nothing is right. But am glad for it. After thinking on and off about stuff, it finally hit me. I need to love myself. Why? Because I am unique, and wonderful (end of). I have my flaws (who doesn’t), b