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Journey to happy place: Baby steps -Trying new things

So I decided to blog on a new theme alongside my other theme And within that theme, I am focusing on something real And it’s about taking steps Baby steps You know  when a little child starts to walk The first steps are the the hardest And after those first few steps if the child persists The next few  steps will be shaky and maybe unsteady And if the child persist still The steps will get easier and easier Granted there may be a few falls Here and there Now and then But if t

Midnight Rantings: Joyful, with a million reasons to be sad

I know it’s not midnight yet, but I will pretend it’s midnight and rant on So I have been wondering today, all day actually I want to scream…and yell At no one in particular Perhaps because I have done enough crying to last me a long time Oh, and I want to cry out laugh And maybe laugh out loud later But Is it ok to cry, cry and cry? Because I have done that in abundance… So question: How does one say grateful and joyful when there is plenty to be sad about? But then again…th

Midnight Ranting 104#: Love is,…..

Hmmm…so dis girl has been a busy girl No, haven’t been thinking or doing one of the normal things I do This girl has been playing out of her leagues for a bit. Right, enough of my riddles already. I am finding it hard to actually say what I want to say Perhaps because there is so much to say But let me start with this Last night, I had so many questions Questions that have been on my mind for the longest time E.g….God, why me? Why all these? Do I deserve this? Why? Why? Why?